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We are located at 2591 Portage ave, Elevate, on the second floor of the building. behind and on the east side of the building you will find plenty of free parking. Please come through the front door and up the staircase to the second floor.

Elevate is dedicated to enhancing your overall well-being by integrating professional practices that address both physical strength and recovery. Our innovative approach combines the tranquil ambiance of a spa with the rejuvenating benefits of expert recovery techniques.

Discover the 1-hour wellness circuit experience – a unique journey that begins with donning comfortable attire in our compression lounge, where you’ll recline and indulge in a 20-minute compression therapy session. Surrounding you is an inviting environment infused with soothing aromatherapy and calming visuals, all set within a cozy space.

After your compression session, transition to the locker room, where you can change into your swimwear. Feel free to take advantage of our complimentary robes as you make your way to a 20-minute session in our infrared sauna. Here, you’ll reap the advantages of both invisible (infrared) and visible (chronotherapy) light therapy. Select a book from our library and refresh your body with our iced eucalyptus towels to maintain your comfort.

Following your time in the infrared sauna, it’s time for the grand finale – a session of contrasting hydrotherapy in our oval cedar tubs. First, unwind in the hot tub for 3 minutes before taking the plunge into the adjacent cold tub for 1 minute. Challenge yourself physically and mentally as you complete this cycle three times. Once you’ve completed the circuit, head back to the locker room for a refreshing shower using our premium Aveda and Tiber River products, followed by a soothing dry-off with a warm towel. We also provide Aveda styling products and hair dryers to simplify your post-wellness routine.

  • Socks, and comfortable clothing – for the compression lounge
  • bathing suit
  • water bottle (non-plastic, such as a S’Well or Yeti)
  • book, or ear buds if you like
We will have:
  • Towels
  • Robes
  • Shower
  • Tiber River Shower Shake
  • Lockers
  • Aveda haircare, including shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and hair spray

For the Wellness Circuit, you will start off comfortable clothing in the compression lounge. You will then head to the locker room and change into your bathing suit, you may grab a robe or towel if you like to take to the sauna. After ending your circuit with the Hydrotherapy cycle, you are welcome to shower and change back into you regular clothes.


Most frequent questions and answers

– Bathing suit, socks (for the compression boots) sandals, water bottle
– We will have available; robes, towles, shower, hair dryer and lockers