Return to a balanced state of health, mind and strength. 

Return to a balanced state of health, mind and strength.

We have developed a 1-hour wellness circuit designed to reduce inflammation and increase circulation. You will start in the Compression lounge wearing gym or comfortable clothing and socks. Reclined back you will enjoy 20 minutes of compression therapy.

After, you will head into the locker room to change into your bathing suit and grab one of our robes. Your next modality is a 20-minute infrared sauna. Different from a traditional sauna, infared sauna focuses on light therapy, not heat. Our saunas also include a selection of chromotherapy, or visible light therapy. Pick from six colors.

The big finale – You will end with a hydrotherapy circuit, spend 3-minutes in our cedar hot tub before taking a 1-minute cold plunge in the adjacent tub. You will do this three times.

These three modalities – compression, infrared and hydrotherapy allow the body to naturally heal itself. This is meant for everyone. We all stress our bodies and can use some natural, non-invasive recovery to prevent injuries from occuring.